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Volant Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake (2010 & Up)

Volant Camaro V6 Cold Air Intake (2010 & Up) - Click to enlargeThis 2010 & up Camaro V6 intake from Volant is engineered for low restriction and an increase in air volume. It insulates and protects the filter from engine heat, moisture, dust and debris to provide colder air to the engine for an increase in horsepower. The filter is a cleanable and reusable high grade cotton filter media with five-layers of protection. It reduces air restriction and increases engine output by using precision pleat geometry that optimizes airflow throughout the intake system. We recommend using Volant cleaning and oiling system for servicing the filter. The silicone hose connectors provide flexibility while maintaining strength and thermal stability. They won't crack or deform over time like rubber connectors and stainless steel clamps provide optimal performance to provide a solid seal that won't loosen or deteriorate.


Installed - Click to enlargeInstalled

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