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VHT Anodized Paint

VHT Anodized Paint  - Click to enlargeNow DIYers can create an anodized look under their hoods. This unique transparent coating creates an anodized effect over properly prepared chrome, shiny bare metal and faux chrome-like surfaces for a spectacular metallic finish. VHT Anodized Color Coat is formulated for high temperature and high performance engine paint applications. It withstands intermittent temperatures up to 550F (228C).

VHT Anodized Base Coat To create the anodized metal look over non-metal and/or painted surfaces, first prime with VHT Anodized Base Coat. Then apply VHT Anodized Color Coat when dry. Dries to the touch in 30 mins. Dries thoroughly overnight. No curing required. For more color choices check out Dupli-Color METALCAST Paint.

Temperature: 550F

To achieve the anodized metal look on non-metal or painted surfaces, first prime with Base Coat, then follow up with a color.


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