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Superior Dash Interior Trim Kit - Pontiac GTO (2004-2006)

Superior Dash Interior Trim Kit - Pontiac GTO (2004-2006) - Click to enlargeSuperior Dash's 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO 2D dash appliques install with 3M primer-less adhesive on the back of each piece. Installation is as simple as cleaning the surface area and sticking your new dash applique in place. There are several metallic looking finishes, carbon fiber finishes plus 3 solid colored resin finishes to choose from. The beautiful high gloss urethane finish will last the life of your vehicle and add to the resale value. Kit contains 9 pieces.

*Pricing starts with (P1) Brushed Aluminum.(P2) Argent Silver, Urban Metal, High Gloss Brushed Aluminum, Black and White. (P3) High Gloss Urban Metal. (P4) Carbon Fiber.

SDRegular price: $179.00Sale price: $115.00
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2006 GTO - Click to enlarge2006 GTO
Brushed Aluminum (P1-A011)Brushed Aluminum (P1-A011)
Argent Silver (P2-A032)Argent Silver (P2-A032)
Urban Metal (P2-A022)Urban Metal (P2-A022)
High Gloss Brushed Aluminum (P2-A012)High Gloss Brushed Aluminum (P2-A012)
Black (P2-C062)Black (P2-C062)
White (P2-C072)White (P2-C072)
High Gloss Urban Metal (P3-A023)High Gloss Urban Metal (P3-A023)
Carbon Fiber (P4-F014)Carbon Fiber (P4-F014)
Silver Armour Carbon Fiber (P4-F024)Silver Armour Carbon Fiber (P4-F024)
Dark Blue Carbon Fiber (P4-F034)Dark Blue Carbon Fiber (P4-F034)
Red Carbon Fiber (P4-F074)Red Carbon Fiber (P4-F074)
Light Blue Carbon Fiber (P4-F064)Light Blue Carbon Fiber (P4-F064)
Carbon Fiber C6 Corvette DashCarbon Fiber C6 Corvette Dash
Carbon Fiber C6 Corvette Door PanelCarbon Fiber C6 Corvette Door Panel

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