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RKSport Camaro / Firebird Sport Back (1993-2002)

RKSport Camaro / Firebird Sport Back (1993-2002)  - Click to enlargeThe Sport Back was developed to create a targa-top feeling of the late 60's and early 70's Corvettes. These cars gave an open air feeling, while maintaining the structural integrity needed for harder driving conditions. As with those vintage vehicles, the Sport Back gives the Camaro or Firebird an open-air ride with no loss of valuable rear seating room or trunk space. The Sport Back's rear window was designed to be easily removed from inside the car. The simplicity of the Sport Back is that there is no drilling, modifying, or cutting of the body for the installation. The Sport Back simply replaces the rear hatch glass. A qualified body and paint facility will be able to provide paint matching and installation. Complete detailed instructions are included.

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