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SmoothLocks - Click to enlargeSmoothLocks cover up those ugly key holes on your door and give it that smooth finished look. If you never use your keys to unlock the door this is the perfect appearance fix.

SmoothLocks are:

  • Made of incredibly tough PVC material that will dent and rebound instead of scratching.
  • Highly UV resistant to avoid turning yellow in direct sunlight.
  • Comes in a gloss black finish that requires no painting, but can be primed and painted to match your car at any time.
  • They cover the entire flat surface of your door locks using a very strong adhesive. Just clean your lock surface, peel the backing off and place them on your car!
  • A very inexpensive alternative to shaving bodywork.

    If you ever need to use your door locks (if you lose your keyless remote, the battery dies, etc.), just carefully peel them back off your car again. To reapply, simply stick them back on with a bit of automotive trim adhesive if necessary.

    MEDIUM VERSION - for locks that are 3/4" in diameter with a flat surface. These are usually recessed. For example, they fit perfectly on the door locks on 2010 Camaros and 4th generation Camaros and Firebirds T-Tops. This is a very common size among General Motors vehicles.

    Shipping is FREE in the U.S.


  • Smoothlock, Medium - Click to enlarge
    Smoothlock, Medium

    For locks that are 3/4" in diameter with a flat surface and the 2010 Camaro door lock. About the size of a penny.


    SmoothLocks Q&A

    Q. How much of the lock is covered?
    A. SmoothLocks cover the flat face of the lock. It does not cover any area between the face of the lock and the vehicle. If you paint your SmoothLocks to match your car, you may have to paint part of the lock, depending on your sytle of lock.

    Q. How do I apply them to my locks?
    A. It only takes a few moments to apply a SmoothLock. First, thoroughly clean the lock surface and ensure it is free from grease or dirt. Then apply the Smoothlock simply by peeling it from the backing paper and then place it on the lock surface.

    Q. What if I need to remove them?
    A. If you need to remove your SmoothLocks, simply peel them off. The adhesive is very strong, and this might take a bit of effort and care (especially if you painted your SmoothLocks, the paint may crack if you are not careful removing them).

    Q. Can I paint them to match my car?
    A. Yes, they can be painted to match your car. If you want to paint yours, you need to make sure the paint will stick to the SmoothLock. We suggest using a clear primer such as Klean-Strip Adhesion Promoter or similar product. Once the primer has dried, you can paint the SmoothLocks. TIP: Once the paint dries, use a very sharp X-Acto knife to trim around the edge of the SmoothLock. This will make it easier to remove it from the backing paper without cracking the paint.

    Q. What is the thin white layer between the SmoothLock and the adhesive?
    A. If you are not painting yours and are leaving them black, you will notice a very thin white line around the base of the SmoothLock. This is to make sure the adhesive doesn't detach. If you like, you can take the flat edge of a black magic marker and carefully run it around the edge of the SmoothLock to cover up the white line before you install it.

    Q. I think my SmoothLock is coming loose. What do I do?
    A. If you ever feel that a SmoothLock is losing its adhesive grip, remove it completely, clean the lock surface, place a very thin layer of clear silicone automotive adhesive on the back of the SmoothLock and replace.

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