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Skip Shift Delete

Skip Shift Delete  - Click to enlargeSome years ago, GM incorporated a feature called Computer-Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) or more commonly known as the skip shift. Today it has found its way into nearly every manual transmission manufactured by GM and some by Chrysler.

The CAGS system forces the transmission to go from First Gear directly into Fourth Gear during relatively light-throttle, low-speed driving. This is typical of normal stop-and-go city driving or rush hour commutes. The skip shift system can beat by short shifting from First Gear to Second Gear before the car reaches 15 mph or always holding First Gear to at least 20 mph before making that First-to-Second shift. However, First-to-Second shift between 15 and 20 mph are not possible as indicated by the instrument panel message reading "1 TO 4 SHIFT". While traveling under the CAGS conditions, the shift lever can only travel from First Gear directly into Fourth Gear. This system is accomplished by a solenoid that is mounted on the transmission case and tied into the car's PCM (Powertrain Control Module) in turn which controls the CAGS The harness to this solenoid can simply unplugged to defeat the system, but this will result in the PCM triggering a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) or otherwise know as the Service Engine Soon light. While some individuals may not be bothered by this warning light being On all the time, allowing the light to be On or disabling the warning light will prevent the driver from being alerted to a real problem with the drivetrain if a serious problem were to ever occur.

The Skip Shift Delete Harness eliminates the annoying 1st to 4th lockout on GM's 6-speed manual transmissions. It easily installs in minutes and does not require any cutting or splicing of wires. The harness is complete compatible with OBD2 computer systems will not cause the PCM to set any DTCs nor set the check engine lights. The harness not only plugs into the vehicles wiring harness to spoof the PCM, but also connects to the solenoid on the transmission. Connecting the Skip Shift Delete Harness to the transmission provides two additional benefits. It supports the OEM harness from dangling by the transmission and becoming damaged or melted if they come too close to any exhaust system components. Secondly, it caps off the solenoid connection from weather and the elements to prevent corrosion or damage. Thus, the Skip Shift Delete can be just as easily removed as it was install, thereby returning the vehicle to its original condition. The Skip Shift Delete Harness is constructed entirely from GM OEM components and connector systems. This ensures the same durability and reliability as the factory. Please note that this harness will prevent the Computer-Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) solenoid from engaging and allow normal shifting. However the "1 to 4" light on the dash will still illuminate when the CAGS conditions are present.

Fits 1993-2002 Camaro and Firebird, 2010 & Up Camaro, 1997-2011 Corvette, 2004-2006 GTO, 2009 G8 GXP and 2009 & Up Dodge Challenger.


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