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Genuine Leather Shift Boots by Wheelskins

Genuine Leather Shift Boots by WheelskinsWheelskins Genuine Leather Shift Boots are the ideal way to upgrade vinyl or rubber shift boots or to replace worn or damaged boots. Hand sewn of the same high quality domestic cowhide as their steering wheel covers, these shift boots make a powerful statement in auto interiors.

Two types of shift boots are available. The universal design features a 3-way fit system to accommodate most vehicles. Specific replacement models for a variety of makes such as BMW, Volkswagen and others are also available. New! We have added many new specific replacement boots, including the Chevrolet Camaro (pictured below), Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Grand Prix, C-5 Corvette, Miata and MR2.

Shift Boots are available in the same 13 colors as the Steering Wheel Covers. See the color chart sample below.

Color notes:

Tan is the color of tobacco or a football; Sand is a light beige color; Blue is navy blue; Brown is chocolate brown; Charcoal is dark grey; Grey is light to medium grey; Cobalt is a bright medium or royal blue; Oak is a medium earthtone color.

Camaro/Firebird shift boot does not come with a new factory retainer ring. It is the boot only. You must be careful to remove the boot/retainer ring.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


Color Chart - Click to enlargeColor Chart
Camaro/Firebird Custom Boot Picture - Click to enlargeCamaro/Firebird Custom Boot Picture
Fits 97-2002 Camaro/Firebird equipped with 6-speed.

Charcoal Shift Boot in Camaro Picture - Click to enlargeCharcoal Shift Boot in Camaro Picture
Sand Shift Boot in Formula - Click to enlargeSand Shift Boot in Formula
White Shift Boot in Camaro - Click to enlargeWhite Shift Boot in Camaro
White Camaro Shift Boot Installed on Retaining Ring - Click to enlargeWhite Camaro Shift Boot Installed on Retaining Ring

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