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Saturn Sky Windstop (2007-2009)

Saturn Sky Windstop (2007-2009)While driving a convertible with an open top, an air flow is created over the wind shield. This air is forced into the driving compartment from behind the occupants and causes turbulence. This creates a cold draft and an annoying wind noise arround the occupant´s heads.

The Oris Windstop extends the convertible driving season
  • The heating becomes more intensified
  • The air movement becomes greatly diminished
  • Dramatic reduction of the noise level
  • The noise level around driver and passenger will be reduced by 50 %! This was independently confirmed with the various automobile manufactures through extensive testing.
  • You can once again talk comfortably on your cell phone and with the other passengers.
  • Enjoy listening to your favorite music again

    Windstops are for the most part made of a mesh fabric in an aluminum frame, the mesh itself reduces the turbulences. This aluminum frame is fitted into fixing points behind the front seats, the upper frame is retractable on most Windstops.

    When not in use the windstop can be folded and can be stored in the trunk in its protective storage bag. The windstop does not impair rearward vision. The windstop complies with all the safety regulations of the car manufacturers.

    The Windstop is easy to install and does not require any modifications to your car. It is easy to remove as well, but removal is not necessary to close and raise the top. Comes with a convenient storage bag, hardware and instructions.

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