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RKSport Pontiac Sunfire Front Bumper (1995-2002)

RKSport Pontiac Sunfire Front Bumper (1995-2002) - Click to enlargeThis RKSport 1995-2002 Pontiac Sunfire front bumper replacement completes the full Street Fighter look. All RKSport fiberglass components are manufactured using the finest hand-laid fiberglass to provide superior strength and durability. Each fiberglass part is shipped gelcoat gray, ready for prep and paint. Detailed instructions provide a straight-forward installation that uses stock hardware for an easy fit and installation. Some modification (trimming) of the crush panel will be required. Bumper requires right and left fender liners (06015501 , 06015502) The 2000 Sunfire GT model is exempt. All 95-98 Sunfire model will need the OE 99-02 amber side makers for the holes in side of bumper.

RKS-06015500Regular price: $727.59Sale price: $618.46

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