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RKSport Pontiac Grand Am Wings (1999-2005)

RKSport Pontiac Grand Am Wings (1999-2005) - Click to enlargeRKSport's fiberglass wing for 1999-2005 Pontiac Grand Am is manufactured using the finest hand-laid fiberglass to provide superior strength and durability. Also available is the carbon fiber wing which is based on the same design as their Grand Am wing but RKSport designers have added the high-tech appeal of carbon fiber to the top section of the wing. The bottom and outer portion of the wing is gel coat gray and will need to be painted. These wings will cover the factory holes after installation. Detailed instructions are provide and it uses stock hardware for an easy fit and installation.

RKS-08012010Regular price: $396.84Sale price: $337.32

Rear View - Click to enlargeRear View
Side View - Click to enlargeSide View

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