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Pontiac Firebird Rear Panel "Firebird" (Only) Vinyl Overlay

Pontiac Firebird Rear Panel "Firebird" (Only) Vinyl Overlay - Click to enlargeThis vinyl overlay will help you restore the color to your red faded "Firebird" word or change the color. Easy to apply overlay goes on top of the existing "Firebird" word on the rear panel. See area outlined in red.

Double check your panel before ordering to make sure it looks like the one in the picture and says Firebird. There are a couple different versions depending on year/model.

If you need the bird overlay also see related items to the right. This is for the word "Firebird" only, as shown inside the red box. Ordering is separate due to differences in models and in case you want different colors for each.

*GM Official Licensed Product! Pontiac, Firebird, the Firebird Emblem, and the GM Official Licensed Product Emblem are General Motors Trademarks used under license to Afterthoughts Auto.

SPS-FBRPOLRegular price: $12.00Sale price: $10.00

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