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Mustang Chrome Seat Release Levers (2005-2010)

Mustang Chrome Seat Release Levers (2005-2010) - Click to enlargeThis pair of seat release levers are made to fit 2005-2010 Mustangs and other select Ford vehicles. So, did your seat release levers break immediately upon trying to use them? If not, count yourself lucky, because I do not know what was going on with these things, but they like to break immediately upon light use. I assume somewhere along the line, Ford fixed this problem. If your car has levers that are holding up, good for you. I would replace them anyhow, because these look much better and will not break.

This product uses premium, regal curves that look amazing. Smooth blends give a spectacular and classy look. Made from quality 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, this product is precision machined, then polished and triple chromed. There are no higher standards in chroming. This is a stunning product that is noticed immediately!

Installation takes a minute. Give a solid pull to remove the current piece (unless they broke like many of them) and slide in place. Excellent looks, design and finish.

* Will Not Fit 2007 Roush that have special seats.


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