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Mustang Chrome Bottom Button Highlight (2005-2009)

Mustang Chrome Bottom Button Highlight (2005-2009) - Click to enlargeThis is a chrome bottom button cluster highlight for the center panel of the 2005-2009 Mustangs. Beautiful, full rounded billet aluminum insures that an exceptional luster is given from any angle. Made from quality 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, precision CNC machined, then decorative polished and triple chromed. An easy and slick way to really and some look to the Mustang controls.

Installation is very easy. Clean the intended location area with soap and water to remove any grime that may cause poor bond. Set into place to review fit and location. Remove the backer from the 3M tape on the back of the part. Lightly set into place, review location and upon being satisfied with it, press down to adhere. Part will hold immediately, but will take 24 hours to reach full bond. We use high quality 3M tape that will reach very high final bond strength.


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