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CDC Mustang Aggressive Chin Spoiler (2005-2009)

CDC Mustang Aggressive Chin Spoiler (2005-2009) - Click to enlargeIt's a well known fact that better air flow to the engine will lead directly to better performance. With the Mustang GT Aggressive Chin Spoiler, you will not only completely revamp the look of your vehicle's front fascia, but also receive the benefits of this functional piece as air flow to your engine is increased. Give your Mustang a more aggressive looking front end with a stronger stance while utilizing the functionality of this great product.

- Produced using High Pressure Injection Molded technology.

- This urethane piece is designed to create the ultimate performance appearance, engineered as a functional piece, and is now the basis for the aerodynamics package found on the Miller Challenge Mustang race cars.

- The CDC Aggressive spoiler requires permanent modifications to the factory fascia to create the increased air flow to after coolers or radiator.

- Ground clearance of the Aggressive spoiler measured from the ground to lowest point of the Chin Spoiler, on a stock-height vehicle, is approximately 5.75".

- Not available in painted form.

Please note: Aggressive Chin Spoiler will not work on California Special or GT500 vehicles.

CDC-110021Regular price: $236.00Sale price: $224.00

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