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B&G Pontiac GTO S2 Sport Springs (2004-2006)

B&G Pontiac GTO S2 Sport Springs (2004-2006)  - Click to enlargeWith over 50 years of spring design and manufacturing expertise, B&G S2 Sport Lowering Springs are engineered to improve handling while maintaining safety and ride quality.

B&G lowering springs are wound from high tensile Chromium-Silicone wire purchased from Europe’s premium mines. The lowering springs are cold wound on CNC coilers; heat treated and shot peened for longevity; and finished with phosphate treatment and a baked on resin powder coating for a hard corrosion resistant shell.

By redesigning the O.E. Spring and the lowering the center of gravity 1.2 inches Front & 1 inch Rear. Incorporating a progressive rate design allows B&G lowering srings to offer higher rates for improved road hold, while maintaining a comfortable ride.


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