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Fast Toys Ram Air Kit LS1 & V6 (1998-2002)

Fast Toys Ram Air Kit  LS1 & V6 (1998-2002) - Click to enlargeThis is the ram air system that is so good, everyone else has "tried" to copy it! The Fast Toys ram air system (FTRA) is designed to force cold, high pressure air into your engine to build more horsepower. The system brings in cold fresh air which contains more oxygen than the warmer air the engine normally breathes. In addition, this system will achieve a mild pressurizing of the sealed air box at higher speeds and improve volumetric engine efficiency for more power! Don't settle for poor imitations that do not offer the same quality or performance or a plastic version that can easily break. Get the original!

How Does It Work?

Impove Engine Efficiency
Production engines are not 100 % volumetric efficient. This means that under pressure of the atmosphere and vaccum from the motor, the cylinders do not draw in 100 % of their displacement. This results in lost power and fuel economy. You are not really using all the cubic inches of your engine!

The FTRA works by using the foward momentum of the vehicle to force air into a sealed airbox which improves the volumetric efficiency of the motor. The faster you go, the more air that is forced into the motor and the greater the volumetric efficiency. This is the same technology that is used on many high powered motorcycles and race cars.

Bring Cooler Air Into The Engine
Colder air makes more power. The factory air box draws in hot under hood heated air. Even the so called factory ram air equipped vehicles (SS, WS6, Firehawk) do not have sealed intake systems so they still draw in warm air. The FTRA will lower your intake temperatures very close to ambient. As a rule of thumb, every 10 degrees F drop in intake temperature = 1 % more HP! Now imagine how hot the air is under the hood compared to the air outside. FTRA = more HP!

Increase The Air Box Size
Lastly, every performance engine needs a large supply of air to build HP. The FTRA increases the effective size of the airbox giving the motor a larger supply of air when the throttle is opened. This increases power and improves throttle response.

The FTRA Is Better Than The Competition

There are other ram air kits on the market that claim to be better than the FTRA. What they don't tell you is that they usually just copied our design or various aspects of our design.

Plastic Vs. Steel
Some will claim that plastic designs are superior because they do not heat soak. In our extensive testing, as well as those of independent 3rd party sources, it has been confirmed that the FTRA will keep intake temperatues as close to the ambient temperate as possible (usually only a few degrees different). In addition, our sturdy T304 stainless steel design will not get broken on parking curbs or other objects you may accidently run into driving the car. Imagine throwing away all that money if you hit a curb with a plastic design. Our kit will last the life of the vehicle!

Clones & Copies
Beware of clones of the FTRA that are on the market. They appear to look like the FTRA but are made of thinner, weaker metal, don't seal as well, don't perform as well and are not backed by our famous customer service. In addition, they copied an older, less effective design of the FTRA which has been improved several times since.

Stealth Installation
The FTRA when installed is very stealthy. In fact, it can be installed so that nobody can tell you have modified your intake system unless they stick their head right under the car! Other systems have scoops that sit under your bumper for everyone to see.

Cold Air Kits That Don't Work
Some cold air kits on the market don't actually direct air into the air box at all. They sit halfway up the radiator no where near the path of oncoming air. This is really no better than the free air mod that so many people have performed on their vehicles. Don't waste your hard earned money on these type of systems!

Scoops Vs. The FTRA
Other ram air kits on the market claim that scoops are better than our ram air plate design. What they don't tell you is that all 93-02 Camaro & Firebirds are bottom breathers. The factory designed the body work of the vehicle to route air up into the cooling system from the bottom of the vehicle. For this reason, the cars have a large plastic chin deflector that hangs low to the ground. The FTRA integrates with this large chin deflector to route large amounts of air right into our duct work and up into the air box. No scoop can offer more airflow that that!

Extra Features
The FTRA includes a block off plate and removable front rubber seal to disable the kit for testing or very poor driving conditions. Other kits don't offer these features.

Price & Performance
The FTRA is reasonably priced and offers the same or better performance than other more expensive kits. Why waste your money on kits that don't perform any better?

Detailed Instructions & Product Support
The FTRA includes very simple to follow, detailed instructions with lots of pictures and diagrams. Other kits on the market are single pages of paper with missing steps and no pictures at all. Imagine the frustration of trying to install one of these kits?

We've sold thousands of FTRA kits to happy customers since 1998. We have been designing and selling products for the Camaro and Firebird for over 9 years. Can the clone companies say the same thing? Do they even have a phone # to call if you have a problem or need assistance?

Why Use The FTRA On Factory Ram Air Vehicles

Advertisers would have you believe that factory ram air equipped vehicles (WS6, SS, Firehawk) produce more power because of their ram air hoods. The truth is that these factory designs are horribly ineffcient, full of baffles that obstruct air flow and not physically even sealed to the air box. In addition, the scoop designs sit far too low on the hood on the car. The hood scoop equipped vehicles have been proven to be no faster at the track!

Ever wash your car and notice the water droplets barely move on the hood of the car, even at high speed? This is because the hood sits in the boundray layer of air that deflects off the front bumper and does not touch the car again until the windshield. These means the scoop is not exposed to high speed/high pressure air. This is the exact reason many muscle cars of the 70's went to cowl induction, rearward facing induction systems and NHRA cars have scoops that are so high off the hood of the vehicle. Don't be fooled!

Is Hydrolocking A Concern?

Hydrolocking occurs when the motor ingests a sufficient level of water to cause damage. This can occur on any type of vehicle that is exposed to water. Any aftermarket air system that relocates the air intake or removes factory baffles and obstructions increases the odds of this happening. Unlike some competitors, we have taken steps to help prevent this from happening.

First, our kit requires that any water must travel approximately 2 feet completely vertical to enter the air box. This is extremely unlikely to occur under normal driving conditions.

As an additional feature, the block off plate can be used to disable the ram air kit for testing. Now you can quickly verify what so many other happy customers have found out. The FTRA makes more power and improves throttle response and fuel economy!

Will My Car Run Hotter?

Since the FTRA is grabbing some of the air from under the vehicle that would normally be going to the radiator, it does affect cooling to a small degree. This is also true of other ram air kits on the market despite what they may tell you. They all sit in front of the radiator because there is no other way to route the air up into the air box which just sits slightly forward of the radiator. Ask them to send you a picture of their kit installed looking up towards the air box and you will see what we mean. Don't be fooled by their advertising!

In real world testing, with no other modifications to the cooling system, we have found that FTRA equipped vehicles will run approximately 10 degrees warmer coolant temperature than non FTRA equipped vehicles in stop and go driving (slow speed driving). There is no coolant temperature difference once the vehicle is moving at a steady pace. This is well within the capacity of the factory cooling system. We have customers running our kits in very hot climates such as California, Texas, Florida, Hawaii and even over seas on the middle east with no problems.

In the very unlikely event your vehicle does experience cooling problems, we have designed the FTRA so that the lower ram air plate can easily be removed to restore greater cooling capacity while leaving the upper portion still installed.

The factory cooling system can be greatly improved with the reprogramming of the cooling fans and 160 degree thermostat. With these modifications performed, an FTRA car equipped car will run cooler than a completely stock vehicle.


  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved highway passing power and top end pulling power
  • 5-10 % better fuel economy
  • 2 tenths and 1-2 MPH improvement in 1/4 mile
  • Solid welded T304 stainless steel construction will last the life of your vehicle
  • No risk of damaging on curbs like some competitor models
  • Block off plate included to disable kit
  • Independently tested by magazine writers and Install University
  • Installs with ordinary hand tools
  • Very difficult to see when installed to give you that stealth look
  • Can be used to hide your nitrous nozzles!


1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird LS1 & V6

Free shipping applies only to the lower 48 contiguous states. For all Alaska, Hawaii and International orders please call for a quote.


Ram Air Kit - Click to enlargeRam Air Kit

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