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Corvette Chrome Brake Fluid Reservoir (1997-2013)

Corvette Chrome Brake Fluid Reservoir (1997-2013) - Click to enlargeThis is the finest Corvette brake fluid cover on the market. Our cover fully conforms to the shape of the reservoir and fits perfectly. It also features a closed off backside so it even looks good from the rear!

Our Premium Covers start off as large sheets of 16ga steel (thicker than 18,20,22,etc). They are cut out by CNC and all the seams are TIG welded. They're then hand finished and show chrome plated. Our chrome plating goes on thick, looks awesome on any show car and is the easiest finish to keep clean. Our covers are quick and simple to install; they attach with 3M Dual Lock fasteners (stronger than Velcro) so you can take them on & off at shows or leave them attached 24/7. All our covers are custom made for the best fit possible.

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