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The Carpet Absorber

The Carpet Absorber - Click to enlargeThe Carpet Absorber prevents inevitable vehicle fluid drips from staining your showroom, garage, or driveway. This revolutionary 18" x 24" mat absorbs oil, transmission fluid, and almost any liquid from permanently staining any garage floor or driveway. The Carpet Absorber is made of 100% all weather polypropylene. This mat is tough enough to use indoors or out. It resists mold, mildew, and UV light. Easy care and it is reusable. Each mat is hand bound around all edges for a custom look and years of rugged wear. The heavy weight closed cell vinyl backing offers an unparalleled barrier of rotection. Ideal for showroom/garage floor protection from leaking fluids.


Under Oil Pan - Click to enlargeUnder Oil Pan
Absorbs Oil - Click to enlargeAbsorbs Oil
Washable - Click to enlargeWashable

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