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Camaro SmoothLock (2010 & Up)

Camaro SmoothLock (2010 & Up) - Click to enlargeNo 2010 Camaro is complete without a SmoothLock, the little exterior accessory that make such a big difference. The 2010 Camaro is a design that shouldn't be broken up by a flat, glaring door lock. One Smoothlock for the driver side door of the 2010 Camaro is all you need!

Since most of us use the keyless remote to unlock our cars, we hardly ever use our actual door key to unlock our door. So, the outside door lock pretty much gets unused. Extremely tough yet simple to apply and is the most effective exterior modification you can make for less than 10 bucks.

  • Made of incredibly tough PVC material that will dent and rebound instead of scratching.
  • Highly UV resistant to avoid turning yellow in direct sunlight.
  • Comes in a gloss black finish that requires no painting, but can be primed and painted to match your car.
  • They cover the entire flat surface of your door locks using a very strong adhesive. Just clean your lock surface, peel the backing off and place them on your car!
  • A very inexpensive alternative to shaving bodywork.

  • *If you ever need to use your door locks (if you lose your keyless remote, the battery dies, etc.), just carefully peel them back off your car again. To reapply, simply stick them back on with a bit of automotive trim adhesive if necessary.


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