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Metco Motorsports Cadillac CTS-V Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit (2009 & Up)

Metco Motorsports Cadillac CTS-V Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit (2009 & Up) - Click to enlargeThis 2009 & up Cadillac CTS-V crank pulley kit is based on the Innovator's West replacement balancer assembly. This kit represents a clean and simple way to add boost and horsepower to your supercharged Cadillac without making any permanent modifications.

The Innovator's West balancer is precision-machined in the USA and installs directly in place of the factory unit. The IW balancer and crank ring assembly weighs only 12.6 lbs, compared to 16.2 lbs for the factory steel unit. Installation of this kit removes significant rotating mass from the front of the engine.

Metco Motorsport's CNC-machined crank pulley rings bolt directly to the new balancer using the provided fasteners. Once the balancer assembly is installed, changing the outer ring to adjust the boost level is simply a matter of six the allen-head fasteners. Crank pulley rings are also available separately and are listed elsewhere in this section.

Metco Motorsports installed the IW balancer, 9.55" crank pulley ring, and 50mm idler pulley on their own CTS-V. On a conservative Mustang dyno, the car made 514 HP at the tires, right off the street, with a very safe tune. The car showed a max boost level of 13.5 lbs (13.9 indicated on the dash gauge).

To complete your kit, please choose your desired crank pulley size below.

Note: The 9.10" and the 9.55" crank pulley rings require the use of a 50mm double-bearing idler pulley.

Supercharger Belt Lengths:
  • 8.60" Crank pulley ring and stock idler pulley: 67.5" belt
  • 9.10": Crank pulley ring and 50mm idler pulley: 68.0" belt
  • 9.55": Crank pulley ring and 50mm idler pulley: 69.0" belt

  • MET-ICPCTS$839.98
    Select Pulley Ring Size: 
    Add 50mm Double-Bearing Idler Pulley ?: 
    Add Extra Pulleys ?: 

    Installed - Click to enlargeInstalled
    With Pulley Ring Installed - Click to enlargeWith Pulley Ring Installed
    Metco Motorsports Cadillac CTS-V 50mm Double-Bearing Idler Pulley (2009 & Up) - Click to enlargeMetco Motorsports Cadillac CTS-V 50mm Double-Bearing Idler Pulley (2009 & Up)
    Metco Motorsports offers this replacement idler pulley in a reduced diameter (2.00") to provide the necessary clearance for overdrive crank pulley rings. This idler pulley installs as a direct replacement for the factory idler located at the 10 o'clock position relative to the crank pulley. This pulley even uses the original pulley bolt for installation.

    Like all Metco Motorsports idler pulleys, this pulley is precision-machined from billet aluminum and hard-coat anodized on the backside and the belt surface for extreme wear resistance. The pulley is fitted with dual bearings to provide unmatched stability and durability. A precision-machined billet sleeve is included to provide the perfect fit over the factory pulley mount.

    This replacement idler pulley is necessary in CTS-V applications using the 9.10" and 9.55" crank pulley rings.

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